Set up in 2003, HYDRA is a specialist in the industrial maintenance sector in France. From the transport of material to the automobile and agri-food sectors, HYDRA will meet all your requirements to create a genuine partnership with you.

HYDRA provides maintenance for all your production equipment founded on expertise that has been recognised for many years in four main areas:

Set up in 1887, METALLOX is a supplier of complex sheet metal components within the defence and railway sectors and can meet all your quality and safety requirements.

In 2013, METALLOX obtained EN 15085 certification. Genuine recognition of its technical expertise in welding, this certification enabled the company to continue its expansion in particular in the railway sector, but also in the nuclear sector. Today, METALLOX is recognised as a reliable contributor for many applications in the railway sector.

Set up in 1949, STEEL MECA is an industrial company that specialises in general precision mechanics. It is involved in various activity sectors such as aeronautics, arms, automobile, etc.

Our trades cover all the necessary stages to transform raw materials (stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium, aluminium, plastic, brass, bronze and copper) into machined components.

Our subsidiaries