The JSM INDUSTRIE Group is the result of many years of work, but also the fruit of the coming together of individuals with different, yet complementary, skill sets.

> A sense of service and customer responsibility

The JSM INDUSTRIE Group’s sole objective is customer satisfaction. Its sense of service and responsiveness is based on this motto, which acts as a daily motivation for each employee within our organisation:

“Say what we will do, do what we have said and always keep a critical mind.”

> A requirement for quality and precision

Excellence is at the heart of our commitment, each employee of the Group is fully committed to this constant pursuit of perfection. The three companies of the JSM INDUSTRIE Group comply with many standards and offer many certifications to guarantee a level of expertise that meets your expectations. (EN 15085 – CL1, ISO 9001 Version 2015, ISO 14001, MASE certification, etc.)

> A human touch at the heart of our organisation

At the heart of the JSM INDUSTRIE Group, we cultivate a mind-set where everyone participates in the smooth running of all our industrial processes. Progress is at the heart of our production equipment and the enthusiasm and dynamism of our employees also contribute to the success of all your projects.